Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Album #2

I finally got copies of some family pictures to make an accordian album for my husband similar to the one I made for my brother. The tags sticking out from the top are for journaling, and I hope he actually adds text and also labels some of the pictures as I am not sure about everyone in the older pictures.

This is the back cover. I used a picture that I took on Saturday of our grandson JJ and our younger grandgirl, Izabel. She is three weeks younger than he, so we had two 2-1/2 year olds for a family party!

This is the front extended. I used pictures of Dick's family for the front part of the album.

Here is the back. There is another picture from Saturday which includes our older grand girl, Kada, and some photos of our sons when they were pre-schoolers.

These pictures are on the back of the journaling tags. Sorry about the flash - guess I should have scanned rather than snapped!


Dawn said...

Fabulpus accordion book and the family pics are marvellous - hope your brother does write on his text

Steve said...

Great work, Mom. I'll be following your site on a regular basis to see what new projects you've been working on. As always, I continue to collect every card you've made. Now I need to find a place and way to display them all. Keep it up! I'm very proud of you!

Love ya,

Son #1