Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Study

In one of my on-line groups we are trying techniques from the book Paper Transformed by Julia Andrus. My friend Carol Sweeney has been our leader/cheerleader for this project, and she posts her samples with comments on her blog. Check out her blog for more information:

I have been keeping up with the techniques and have finally posted my results. The first technique was Luminous Paste.

These are samples of what it looks like.
These are samples of what it looks like if you don't follow directions, in this case, use matte instead of glossy medium!
And this is the serendipity part - the paper towels used for clean up coated with glossy medium!
Technique #2: Faux Leather
This was a simple but beautiful technique - glossy medium on dark paper, let dried, then run through the Cuttle Bug using the mesh folder!!!!
#3 - Cosmos Paper
Because the directions called for a heavier CS, I used some "naked" die cuts. After inking with pigment ink, a couple of layers of ultra thick embossing powder were applied followed by some copper Perfect Pearls. It really looks like metal.
#4 - Pearly Mottled Paper

I have to admit that I had trouble with this one and found out that others did too. It all depended on the paper and the application of the water. The top sample was my first attempt - too much water!! The next one didn't have enough, but I got better with #3. I tried glossy paper for the fourth - the water removed the dye ink. The last sample was made on a piece of file folder, and it turned out the best of all.