Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in the Grotto

     My DH likes to watch sports on TV, and Sunday was jam packed, so......I took myself to the Grotto, determined to finish up May swaps.  I had pieces for a few and some ideas, so I got busy and caught up.


   Oriental Stamp Art runs a year long swap with specific colors and themes for each month.  This month's theme is women using pastel colors.  This is one of my favorite stamps, perfect for the theme.  I used a marker to color in the pattern on the gown, and it wasn't as tedious as I thought it would be.  I had purchased a set of cards recently and used three of this pink, floral card as the base.

ABC Background Techniques:  "N" for Napkin
      This has been a fun swap - we are about halfway through the alphabet.  I glued pieces of napkin to a base, then spritzed it with Goosebumps, a texture spray.  When it was dry, I gave each a final touch of Perfect Pearls (gold) spray.

Masculine Card of the Month
      The theme for May in the Wisconsin group was a masculine card.  I had made a similar one with a group of friends earlier in the year and had some pieces leftover.  My partners should get theirs soon as I mailed them out this morning.

ATC of the Month - May
    The them for May was "trees."  I do have some tree stamps, but most are larger stamps, so I used a $1 stamp that is a tree branch.  The bird is also a $1 stamp.  I used a gold pen and small embellishment to add a final touch.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quiet but Busy Week

     I decided early in the week that I need to do some serious cleaning, gleaning and reorganizing my supplies.  I found myself working in a postage stamp sized area on the work table and had a hard time finding things I needed to use, so.......... after spending hours reassessing my "stuff," I finally had time and space to catch up on a few swaps.
    I belong to a group which is making "Sudoku" ATC's (Artist Trading Cards.)  As you look at the scans, you are wondering where the numbers are.  But Sudoku refers to the mailing order, not solving a brain busting puzzle.  Each of us made a set of eight background ATC's which measure 2-1/2" X 3-1/2" and sent them along to the next person on the list.  When I received the first set, I added something and sent it along.  It sounds confusing, but it really wasn't.  I always received from the same person (Jan) and sent to the same person (Kathy.)  Eventually all the ATC's will be finished and returned "home."  
     Of course, life outside the world of paper, ink, and glue sometimes becomes a priority and people get a little behind.  So, because of various reasons (including my taking time out to clean), I ended up with four sets to work on.  It sounded a little daunting, but I had seen scans of these before I got them, so I had some ideas.
     Here's what I worked on over the last few days:

Kathy's Finished Steampunk ATC
   I added the black borders and sent one of them on to her, kept one for myself, and mailed the rest to the other participants.  I hope everyone likes this as much as I do, especially Kathy!!!!!

The Other Three Sent to Kathy for Her Additions

I highlighted the stems on the flower using a bronze gel pen.

I added the metallic sticker to the leaf. 
 Kathy will be the last to work on this set

Since the lady had a gold star on her hat, 
I gave her gold accents on her wings.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Cards at Bonnie's

 Three friends and I get together every month to make cards/projects, eat wonderful dessert, and just generally have fun.  We all bring materials for each to make a card.  Here's what we did last night:

Bonnie's Peony 

  Bonnie is known for her beautiful, elaborate cards, and this is no exception.  The peony is made using a SU flower punch and a snowflake punch.  We used lots of glue and finally completed it.  Everyone's turned out nice.  The question is - do I keep it or give it to someone special???

Jane's Sad Dog

Jane loves dogs so it isn't surprising when we make a dog themed card.   I'm sure this will come in handy when I know someone who needs a little cheering up!

Chrissy's Window to Nature

Chrissy has a beautiful collection of nature stamps and accessories including her new deer die.  I brought home a few extra deer to make some more cards with a nature theme.

Maggi's Diamond Fold Butterfly

I recently learned how to make this diamond fold stand alone card.  After some practice, I figured it out and decided to teach my friends the tricks.  I used scrapbook paper and purchased embellishments.  Each of our cards was different and all were beautiful.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching Up (Sort Of!)

A Few Samples from 2012

    I have been neglectful of my little blog so decided to put up a few samples of things I have worked on this year.

This is one from a set of four - three for a group swap and 
one for a BD card for my sister Juli.

 Another swap card - the challenge was to use the diamond fold.
The side panels pull out so the card stands by itself.

I made two variations of this card.
After I made this version, I decided to add a red layer 
between the card itself and the map. That really made the card "pop!"

 I splurged and purchased a new die from Sizzx. 
This is how the card looks closed and then opened.

Here's another card using the same die.

 I am a couple of ATC swaps which have a monthly theme.
For May AFTVM I made a pair for "Under the Tuscan Sun."
I used pieces of a napkin glued onto a sponged ink background.

That's all for now.  More later.