Thursday, January 3, 2008


A wonderfully artful Yahoo group which I belong to is "embroiled" in a series of background challenges from our creative genious, Trish Bayley.

Shining Stones:
The first one is a relatively simple but effective background. Dye ink is brayered on glossy CS and set aside to dry. A paste is made with water and Perfect Pearls, then the CS is spritzed with water. The paste is applied, spritzed again with water, and finally "smooshed" with a paper towel. The results are beautiful which, unfortunately, don't totally show up very well in the scan. Here are two samples I made. I also tried it on black glossy as well as red. Here is a link to directions and more samples:


Faux Chipboard:

The second challenge for 2008 is "Faux Chipboard." Again, this is simple and achieved with products/items in most mixed-media artists' stashes. Fun foam (!) shapes (such as the snowflakes I had) are glued down to sturdy CS, then lightly gessoed. When dry, acrylic paints are stippled on and left to dry. Finally, the entire surface is overstamped. Here is a link to more complete directions and samples:

I tried a few different things such as using Versafine black on the sample to the left and regular dye ink on the sample to the right when I did the final stamping. I decided to finish everything off by spritzing with Radiant Rain. As you can see, the Versafine did not run, but the dye ink did. I like both effects and am glad that I tied both to see what would happen.

Now all I need to do is get my technique book started. I received a great sketch book for my birthday from my good friend Chrissy and covered it yesterday using some background paper made in a class that I took from Traci Bautista. All I need to do is add the title on the cover and include my first two challenge samples. I'll post when the cover is finished.


Trish Bee said...

Stunning! I love your backgrounds and faux chip board too! Brilliant stuff! Now get to work on your sketchbook!! (nag nag nag)

Steve said...

Great stuff, Mom! I really think you should try to write a book of stamping techniques and have it published. Your work is amazing. Keep it up!


Son #1

Steve said...
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Priscilla Hill said...

I love how you took the shining stones and faux chipboard and combined them into your altered book. Fantastic job - love your art !

Autumn Labbe-Renault said...

These samples are gorgeous. Your shining stones really shines!

Beth Norman said...

I really need to get my butt in gear and get Trish's challenges done. You did an awesome job with this technique. Your bg's are awesome. I even love the one that ran. Gorgeous work!

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

These are absolutely beautiful