Friday, May 8, 2009

New and Old - Repurposing Materials

I finished up two swaps for CCSWaps this week, both of which required me to search through my stash and either use up what I already had or something that I had received. The first is a 6X6 canvas titled "Mon Ami." I had all of the materials on hand including a paper napkin which I used for the background. This came from a swap a number of years ago. Scroll down to see the canvas labeled with the various items.

Source of Materials

The second item is a redesigned card front made from a commercial greeting card which I had received some time ago. I cut the back off, then cut the front into two pieces and trimmed down the larger reactangle.

Here's what I did to make the new card.

Guess it pays to save everything!!


bonnie32002 said...

I like what you did with the greeting card. I hadn't even thought to do that.

And the canvas...wowziers! Now if we could only paint like that, right?

I will really enjoying seeing this in person!

Trizzy said...

That's great - I love to visit your blog so I have given you a blog award, hope you accept, just visit my blog to see details....hugs to you

Jennie W said...

I love the canvas and the cards. What a beautiful job. And you have been tagged!