Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Board Book Round Robin

I belong to a few Yahoo groups, one of which decided to create round robin board books. Last spring I purchased books for each of the eight of us and mailed them out. Sweet Pea made a "flow chart" so that we could send our books to each other in a logical fashion. Three of us live in the USA and the other five in the UK, so it was imperative that we not lose anyone's book if at all possible. I have enjoyed working on this project - each book was a challenge in a different way. The round robin is almost finished, and, of course, I can hardly wait until my book arrives home!
For Adrienne Goodenough
The theme of Adrienne's book is color. Since I was the last one to work in the book, I took the "liberty" of creating a final page about the beauty of all colors, not just our individual favorites. And it was also a chance to use a few lines from one of my favorite songs by Harry Chapin!

For Bren Renouf

Bren asked us create a spread about ourselves. I tried using a number of different images and quotes, but I didn't like the arrangement, so I chose one thing about myself which is important, "Love of Nature."



Adrienne Goodenough said...

Love the colour page you have created for me - wonderful!


I can't wait to get this book back...


Goldbettyboop said...

Fabulous RR to be part of, how gorgeous are these pages...!