Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Teesha More Swap

One of my internet groups is creating a Teesha Moore journal. Each of us had to create fifteen pages of four 7-1/2 X 10" pages in Teesha's style. I was reluctant to join, but finally decided to stretch and do the pages. It was a big jump for me as I tend to do much more "traditional" creating, but I am glad that I tried.
I created the backgrounds using Aileen's Color Mists (what fun!) Once they were dry, I scored and folded the pages and began to create.
Images from magazines were selected, and I had them photo copied. Some of the gals in the swap did 60 different pages! But that was not for me.
I planned, cut and pasted. The next challenge was doodling, something that I have little self-confidence in. Some of my doodles didn't turn out well, so I had to "repair" the "OOPS!" I also used some clear doodle style stamps. The finishing touch was titles. One was done by hand (Party) and the others were foam stamps from the kids department.
After all of this, I am ready to send out to the hostess and wait, albeit impatiently, to receive the fifteen sets of original art work.

1 comment:

SweetPea said...

These pages ROCK Maggi!!
Can't wait to receive them!!!
And, yes, if you die, I will
come over and pick them up . .