Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Deco Mania!

If you have looked at my blog in the past, you know that I have been involved in some deco swaps - basically little books which are sent to friends who add art work and send on to someone else. Hopefully, the book is eventually finished and returned home. Here is the front and back of a page in a book which I just finished. I had been using vintage images and came across some vintage corset adds. I used them layered over reproductions of old-time ads and added the "Ultimate Support" tag along with rick-rack (yes, they still make and sell it!) Hope the recipient likes this.

This page is made for a different set of deco books - the theme is "Art." I used an image I had saved from (I think) a take-out menu from a restaurant in Maryland. I have always loved the image and finally used it. The background was created by "artfully" adding water colors and dye inks to paper towel. The quote on the back is one of my favorites and really works with the heart shapes in the central image.

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Bonnie said...

inquiring minds....is the background done first and then the central image cut out and added?