Monday, February 23, 2009

Cards, Cards, Cards!

I still make lots of cards, especially for birthdays and also for swaps. My mom's birthday is in February, and I made a folded card for her thanks to my friend Bonnie who has been creating fabulous folded cards. She came over one day and we used her ScorePal and lots of paper to create folded cards. This is the one I sent to Mom - we all need a touch of spring as this has been a long, snowy winter in Wisconsin!

Card Closed

Card Opened

Be sure to check Bonnie's blog to see more fabulous folded cards and other stunning creations:

All Gray!
Our small SEWis group is doing color challenges this year - gray is absolutely the hardest color to work with.

Pink and Orange

This was a lot more fun to make!


Love my Cuttlebug!!


Bonnie said...

Love your folded cards...hope Mom loved it too!

Carol said...

Love your cards, wish I was coming over to your house to play! Love all the creations you've posted on your blog, you've been very busy & creative.

Pattie said...

Hi Maggi !!
Lovely to hear from you again,just been browsing your lovely Artwork,I remember it well!I have some in my collection,always treasured,looking forward to maybe swapping with you again ! xx