Sunday, August 1, 2010

Working in the Grotto

Although I haven't been posting much to my blog, I have been working in the grotto - it's nice and cool there! Here are a few cards I have been working on:

Oriental Inspired Thank You

I received a gift of a sheet of Oriental unmounted stamps from a friend as a thank you - this is the card I sent her in return. All of the images are this style - and they are are beautiful. It will be fun to play with them

Summer Swap

I belong to a small card swap group where the hostess "assigns" themes, colors, or layouts as challenges. We then send a card out to a specific individual in the group. This is my "Summer" card. I have made this same design a few times, and I always like the result. The following are also swap cards for this group.

Brown, Green, and Blue
(Color Challenge)



This is an idea from Zana of Stamp Zia.

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