Saturday, August 28, 2010

August Shoebox

August Shoebox Card

A small group of friends has been getting together for an evening of fun - making cards, chatting, and having fabulous dessert! This month we made only three cards (Ashley had to take her dog to the vet, and my stamp scrubber leaked onto the card base!) But we did have fun, celebrated Bonnie's BD with a luscious lemon pie (thanks, Chrissy!) and also shared some challenges (more on this in a later post.) So, here's our new cards - lots of ideas for you stampers.


Jane (who is brand new to stamping!) helped us create this lovely BD card using reversible cardstock, a border punch, and a couple of dollar stamps. The dragonfly has jewels on the body and shimmery highlights on the wings. This will probably be Kada's card for BD #3 (but don't tell her!)

Bonnie's Distress Ink Trees and Beaded Embellishment

Bonnie always comes up with some lovely ideas and combined a tutorial using Distress Inks from GinaK's Stamp TV videos and an idea for a simple but gorgeous embellishment - beads and a long pin. Be sure to check out Stamp TV - lots of wonderful ideas - great videos!!!

Chrissy's Masculine Card

I just love this card - monochromatic cards are so striking. We distressed the white paper used for the stamped images with Distress Inks, then stamped in black. Thank goodness Chrissy cut all the pieces for us!!! I have two BIL's who have BD's coming up - both would like this card. Now I have to decide who gets it!

Next month we will make Ashley's card and mine which didn't get made this month. A special thanks to Chrissy who was hostess and made the delightful lemon pie.

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bonnie32002 said...

Love all the samples! I am really enjoying all of the challenges