Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Cards at Bonnie's

 Three friends and I get together every month to make cards/projects, eat wonderful dessert, and just generally have fun.  We all bring materials for each to make a card.  Here's what we did last night:

Bonnie's Peony 

  Bonnie is known for her beautiful, elaborate cards, and this is no exception.  The peony is made using a SU flower punch and a snowflake punch.  We used lots of glue and finally completed it.  Everyone's turned out nice.  The question is - do I keep it or give it to someone special???

Jane's Sad Dog

Jane loves dogs so it isn't surprising when we make a dog themed card.   I'm sure this will come in handy when I know someone who needs a little cheering up!

Chrissy's Window to Nature

Chrissy has a beautiful collection of nature stamps and accessories including her new deer die.  I brought home a few extra deer to make some more cards with a nature theme.

Maggi's Diamond Fold Butterfly

I recently learned how to make this diamond fold stand alone card.  After some practice, I figured it out and decided to teach my friends the tricks.  I used scrapbook paper and purchased embellishments.  Each of our cards was different and all were beautiful.

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bonnie32002 said...

What a fun night! Love the diamond fold card and I'll be making the teal colored one soon!