Friday, June 22, 2007

Art and Soul - Virgina 2007

Finally! I have gathered my thoughts, a few pictures, and a little (very little) ability to manage posting on my blog. So, here are some of my adventures in Virginia with Kathy (SweetPea) Beringer.

We arrived in Virginia on a hot and humid day which was soon replaced with a thunderstorm and cool and windy conditions for the rest of the week. But we didn't mind - we were at Art and Soul and ready to have fun and make art! We had attended A&S in February 2006 and knew that we were in for lots of fun and little sleep.

After unpacking (a little) and picking up our registration materials, we attended the first of the Manager's Cocktail Hours, soon to be a regular meeting place with our friends during the rest of the week! In an hour or so, it was off to our first adventure, a reception which included tons of wonderful food and a project which was sponsored by Ranger. All of us had brought recipes to share and they were put into our vintage recipe boxes which each of us created that night with the myriad of products provided in our goodie bag. It was the perfect way to start A&S.

The following sections of my blog will tell you about the classes I took. I didn't take many pictures, but my trusty roomie did! She has documented her impressions of A&S on her own blog. You might be interested to check it out and see tons of pictures and lots more chat. Here's the link to her blog:

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