Friday, June 22, 2007

Passion Book - Leighanna Light ( Saturday)

Passion Book
I was intrigued by the description - a book with secret pockets, tags, and much more, so I looked forward to just what "passion" I was going to explore! Class began with assembling our book which meant gluing pages of an accordian strip together to form the pages. Next came decorating the covers and cutting a hole into the front cover, a very scarey operation!The pages were so much fun to do. Using paint, paper, glue, and many other items, we created backgrounds while thinking about what our passion to explore and document. Part way through the morning, I had the idea: dedicate the book to the "passion" of the Art and Soul conference! I had collected bits and pieces of ephemera, trades, post cards, all sorts of things from the retreat, and decided to use them for my book. I needed to created pockets, hidden items, and use a quote - my work was cut out for me!As you look at the scans of my book, you will see that I tried to reference the classes I had taken (and Monday's as well.) Looking carefully you will find a list of my classes on a pocket, an ATC from my artful friend Margaret Rogers who lives in California, a postcard with Traci Bautista's beautiful work (back page), and other little mementos. I had used a bird as the picture to view through the window on the front, and borrowed a bird image which connects the pages. Other images were cut and glued down, and the scariest part was stamping the quote.I really like the final project, a very personal keepsake of a wonderfully inspiring week!

Here is the cover of my "Passion" book with a window to what lies within.

The next few scans will show some of the work I completed in this treasure.


Here's the first two page spread.
You can see the window I created in the cover,
the beginning of my "bird/wing" motif using
the images,
a feather,
and a phrase.


The second two page spread features a hidden message under the tag. I found a feather to add to the tag continuing the "wings" motif from the previous page. The image after this one reaveals what is hidden.

Here is what is hidden unter the tag on this page,

an image from and Art and Soul postcard.


Below is a detail from page three. The ATC was a trade from Margaret Rogers. Her ATC was perfect for my theme and the recurring image of wings.
I listed all of my clases on the library pocket.


Last two page spread with the quote I used as my theme.


Back cover featuring a Traci Bautista postcard

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