Friday, June 22, 2007

Juliana Coles - Diarist's Sectional (Monday)

The Diarist's Sectional was such an intersting class. Again, the project was created quickly which didn't give me a lot of time to think about it, just create. It is difficult to imagine what the final project looks like, so imaging that you are looking the page, but see three separate sections. What was the process?

We first deconstructed a hard back book, removing the pages in sections, leaving about an inch wide piece of the beginning and end of the individual sections. You can see it in both pictures - in the center of the left pic, and stamped along the left side of the right.

Next was to create pages. We used large pieces of paper and followed Juliana's directions, creating very quickly using many different techniques including washes, scribbling, stamping. It was great fun! The parent sheets were cut to size and then glued into the individual sections.

Each section contained a "flag," a smaller page a little more than 1/3 of the size of the original page. These were assembled in the following manner: top, bottom, and middle; when this was completed, we started over. We were then ready to journal.

Juliana took us through many different journaling techniques. We used pictures, words from poems, and our own thoughts on both the fronts and backs of each flag. To prepare for the journaling, each of us journaled previously,so this journaling was more of a reflection on experiences rather than reporting. I had journaled a vacation to Arizona in April with some friends and my husband. I was amazed at what I discovered about the meaning of the vacation, more than just sight seeing.

While I will probably not use this technique exclusively, I am glad I took this class, another artful journey.

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