Friday, June 22, 2007

This Week's Challenges, June 18-23

This Week's Challenges

I belong to a small group of fun artists who are always looking for a challenge, a way to expand their creativity. In the last week we have had two challenges, both of which were a stretch for me. Here's what I did with a little explanation.


This challenge was to create a figure using elements cut from a magazine. We could also doodle and add other elements. I found some ads for beauty products, legs and arms from photos, and a page of product descriptions, all from a recent issue of Vogue. I stamped a Paula Best image and cut the head and wings off, then colored them in. Finally, I glued everything together to make this ATC. What fun!!!!!


The next challenge was to use a pencil eraser as a stamping tool! This sounded like fun, so I grabbed a pencil and tried it out. I used a piece of background paper created in the Traci Bautista class at A&S, a pencil with an eraser and a pencil topper eraser, acrylic paint, black and white markers, and a stamped image. I first used the topper to stamp the black circles, then the regular pencil eraser to stamp the green ones. Using the flat edge of the topper, I created the flowers and dragonfly. I added the red centers, stamped image, and then outlined the green circles, flowers and dragonfly. The final touch was the tiny white dots around the image to make it pop! Thanks, Trish, for the suggestions.

I wonder what next week will bring in the way of challenges????

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