Friday, June 22, 2007

Traci Bautista - Macrame Journal

The One and Only Traci Bautista!

Imagine walking into a classroom which is covered with bubble wrap! No! We weren't the artists in a bubble but artists getting ready to literally immerse ourselves in liquid watercolor, glue, paper towels, and much, much more!

I knew ahead of time that this would be a fun class, lots of action and new techniques. Kathy had taken Traci's class the previous evening, so she had alerted me to what the day held. Armed with our supplies, we entered and claimed our spots near the back of the room so we would have time for our papers to dry!

The techniques were simple: take paper towels, fold, then dip into liquid watercolor. They were placed between a sandwich of paper, then set aside to dry. It wasn't long before the room was filled with wet paper and colorful artists. Next we created text paper using by scribbling, stamping, and otherwise enhancing our pages. Just before lunch we used some of our dried paper towels to create cover board for the journal we were going to make.

The next step was to create "sections" for our books using the covers we had created and the text paper. Traci demonstrated her "macrame" technique, a variation of the buttonhole stitch, and we worked away on our journals. A few beads were added to the binding, and our journals were complete!

What fun! It was a class where everyone rediscovered the kindergartener still lurking inside!!!!!!!!!!1

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