Friday, June 22, 2007

Tin Souls with Kathy Wasilewski

Tin Souls Assemblage

A picture of me with Kathy Wasilewski


My "Tin Soul"


Thursday night, my first class. I was excited to take the class, not only for the project and new techniques, but also for Kathy as an instructor since I had swapped with her in the past and just knew that this would be a wonderful way to start my Art and Soul journey.

Kathy is very organized, so all of us were given all of the materials she supplied, a list of all of her sources, and a detailed description of how to proceed. And what fun! I learned how to work with some metal techniques such as faux rusting and pounding decorative designs on to the metal wings. We shared ideas, materials, and suggestions. Kathy worked with us throughout the entire process. Assembling the final project could have been a disaster, but everyone was pleased with her icon and, of course, each was different, reflecting our own individual personalities. It was a lot of fun at the end to share what we had created.

I was right - this was the perfect beginning of a wonderful time at Art and Soul!

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